Introducing WeGotNext.

Your favorite sport, in the palm of your hand !

  • Find nearby courts anywhere, no hassle!
  • Search courts to find the nearest competitors
  • Easily find which courts your friends are playing at
  • Follow your friends so you can be notified when they check-in

It's Awesome

'WeGotNext', an amazing app that keeps you connected with your favorite game. It gives you the ability to see who’s playing at your nearby courts, follow your friends and stay connected!

Prevents you from wasting time going court to court looking for your ideal game. With ‘WeGotNext!’ you can see your competition prior to getting to the court without even having to step outside!

WeGotNext is simply an app that makes getting active, staying competitive, and having fun hoopin’ with your friends a whole lot easier. It won’t disappoint!


Nearby courts

Gives you a list of basketball courts near your current location.

Search courts by location

Giving you the option to search for basketball courts at a particular location by just location name "New york".

Enter/Exit option for court

Enter the court of your choice and exit when you want. Let your friends know where you are playing.


We would love to know more about you. Get in touch with all of your questions/comments, let the WeGotNext team know where we can improve. A smooth experience for you is a success for us!

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